As I’m writing this, I’m at approximately 37,000 feet in the air, looking down on Iowa and its neatly segmented farmlands, crop circles, and tiny little houses. From that height, it’s beautiful to see how it all fits together like a neat and tidy jigsaw puzzle.

I often think about this when discussing legal problems with someone who insists that they “don’t need a lawyer.” I have the friend who downloaded all the divorce forms online, filled them out, and filed them pro-se. They left maintenance (spousal support) modifiable. Now, two years later, they’re back in Court litigating 1) maintenance; 2) assets that were undisclosed; and 3) parenting time, because the schedule they developed for their infant son is no longer working and now there are significant others involved. He insists he can handle this himself, but based on the fact that I can see his heart on his sleeve, I know he can’t see the bigger picture. He’s too emotional.

Or there’s the colleague who finds herself in the midst of a landlord tenant dispute. The family friend facing foreclosure on their beloved family home. The neighbor who regrettably got pulled over last night and ended up with a DUI. “I’ll figure it out, I’m not wasting money on a lawyer,” they say.

(Calvin & Hobbes, Bill Watterson)

They say that she who represents herself has a fool for a client. It’s absolutely true, and even lawyers have a hard time being objective when it comes to personal matters. Those of us smart enough to realize it are the ones who ask for help when we realize we’re in over our heads. Those of us who don’t – well, we suffer and struggle along.

Sometimes it’s impossible to see the bigger picture when the weight of your problems have you so tied down to the details. That’s why although you may be able to figure out the legalese and the necessary forms for your situation, you might not know all the options, and you might not be able to think past the next few months. The wisdom in hiring a good lawyer is that, figuratively speaking, s/he is able to look at the situation from 30,000 feet and see your whole life – past, present, and future – for exactly what it is. The attorney can see how it all fits together, can see the end in sight, and can help guide you there. It’s your life – it matters, and it’s worth the money.

If you’ve thought to yourself recently, “Ugh, I should probably consult with a lawyer…” then you probably should. Even paying for an hour’s consult is usually worth the peace of mind. Call today and see how I can help relieve the stress and anxiety you’re feeling, and let me show you how the pieces really do all fit together into a bigger plan.

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