As a legal research and writing consultant, Jessica’s focus is solely on getting your brief, petition, motion or policy paper ready for filing or publication. She’s mobile with full resources and able to work with anyone, from anywhere. When you need help, rely on Jessica for thorough, efficient and customized work, and let her handle the details of your case while you focus on other areas of your practice. Jessica works with you to create a budget specific for each and every project, and you pay only the time it takes to complete your project. You get the assistance you need without the long term obligations, overhead, or fixed expenses of a full-time addition.

Legal Research Service

Below is a non-exhaustive list of our legal research services offered. Please contact us if you need a service not specifically indicated.

  • Single state, multi-state, and federal legal research
  • Succinct, thorough, and reliable legal memoranda
  • Federal public policy summaries
  • Draft language applicable to your facts
  • Legal motions, responses, petitions, and appellate briefs
  • Editing, formatting, and proofreading
  • Legal citations – including The Bluebook, APA, MLA, and more
  • Cite-checking and source-finding

When approaching a client’s legal issue, it’s crucial to understand not just the black-letter law, but also how that law applies to the unique facts of the case. As every good lawyer knows, each jurisdiction has its own preferences and idiosyncrasies that, if understood and used correctly, can make or break a case.

All of our work is customized, thorough, and appropriately brief. We never use “canned” responses or boilerplate language, and we always take a personal approach to fit your schedule, deadlines, client’s needs, and budget.

Because all legal research and writing projects are unique, we work with you to create a custom fee arrangement.

Writing Samples

[Check out just a sample of the work Jessica has done for other firms]

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Research Needs

Increase profits

You bill the client for the work, and mark up Jessica’s time just as the firm would for an associate. The ABA, and all bar associations (with the exception of Texas) have have determined that an attorney may make a profit in connection with work performed by a contract lawyer, as long as the total charges to the client are reasonable.

No Overhead

Hiring an associate requires a significant long-term investment in both time and money. When you hire Jessica for your legal research and writing needs, there’s no need to provide office space, benefits, malpractice insurance, or any of the other long-term fixed expenses that come along with hiring a full-time position.


You remain lead counsel and maintain full control of the case strategy, court appearances, and client communication. Jessica does not contact clients directly without express permission. You focus on other areas of your practice, and let her worry about the details.


You pay only for the time it takes to complete the project; the firm is under no long-term obligations; all projects are custom; and work is complete within budget. Jessica’s research and writing expertise, familiarity with the available resources, and facility for searching for answers in large databases makes her extremely efficient.

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